About Me

When you’re looking to hire someone, it is important to make sure you find someone with the relevant experience and work ethic to fit your expectations. The freelance process makes it rather difficult to assess a person’s experience and work ethic, especially when everything is done remotely.

In the interest of helping you to get to know a bit about me and why I might be an asset to your company, I have set up this page on my website to give you an overview of who I am and why I might be an asset for your project.

First and foremost, I am a full-time freelance writer and this has been my job since  2005.

Since starting out with my own business, I have written a variety of books, articles, blogs, and other web and print content for individuals and businesses. I have also edited and proofread both fiction and nonfiction works for both print and online distribution.

Although I am comfortable writing about a whole variety of topics, my particular niches are academic and business writing. I have worked on a number of books and ebooks pertaining to literature and history topics, as well as all manner of business focus, including management and leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, and social media management.

I listed below some of my past projects in different categories:


  • GCSE and A-Level Survival Guides (Published in the UK).
  • Two academic/technical books on Nigeria and political, economic, and social issues impacting the country.
  • Business book on gas station business modeling and success strategies.
  • Academic/technical business book on subscriber marketing business models.
  • Business book for former Microsoft executive turned coaching specialist detailing strategies for career growth.
  • Non-fiction book on the history of American transportation networks of the 19th century, including featured history of J.P. Morgan, Vanderbilt family members, James J. Hill, and E. Harriman.
  • Creative/historical non-fiction book on the round-the-world adventures of a Vanderbilt family member.
  • Business book for a leading business coach and academic discussing strategies for personal development and career growth.
  • Business book published by McGraw-Hill 2009.
  • Non-fiction book on the life of Alfred Vanderbilt II.
  • Personal development book.
  • Personal service management book.
  • E-books on Angel Fish, Immigration, Estonia for Ex- patriots, Making a Living as a Cartoonist.
  • Subject Matter Expert for Criminal Justice Course.


  • Thriller/crime novel set in Africa and US with a focus on the intelligence community and arms trading.
  • Young adult’s novel with an emphasis on special needs and childhood illness.
  • Romance/historical fiction set in Middle East.


  • Action drama with emphasis on the impact of PTSD post-Vietnam.
  • Crime/action drama with an emphasis on the Middle East and conflict among cultures.


  • Internet marketing book on social media success strategies.
  • Crime novel set for publication by an independent publisher.
  • Business book on personal speaking and overcoming the fear of personal speaking.
  • Personal memoir of horse ownership and its impact.


  • Academia-Research.com
  • Virsa, Inc.
  • Soho Outdoor Media, Inc.
  • American No Debt, Inc.
  • St Anthony’s Hospital (Chicago).

Journalist/Technical Writer

  • American Contract Bridge League
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Leicester Mercury
  • Napa Autoparts, California (Business, Automobile Industry)


  • McGraw-Hill
  • OTT Press
  • Cambridge University Press, UK
  • The Leicesterian (Magazine).
  • VoxPop Publishers
  • OTT Press
  • Grammatika.com.


To learn more about my academic writing, please visit https://cambridge.academia.edu/CharlotteFiehn.

You can also go to my Writing Services or FAQ page to find out more about my current project areas and approach to project management.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, you can also email me at charlotteadfiehn@gmail.com.


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